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The yolk excels in quality. Different from other yolks, it is glossy and rising with deep orange color.This is the very evidence that it was laid down by healthy hen. The alkaline egg smells sweet and is well preserved.
The chicken is fed by exclusive feed grains containing important vegetable protein. The feed is free from any kind of medicine like antibiotic and it can protect all bacterial infections by making the best use of natural effective lactic acid bacterium.
The composition of the feed: Japanese radish leaf, ground crab shell, apatite powder, green tea leaf, beer yeast, seaweed powder, rice bran, rice, garlic powder, lactobacillus, green vegetables, carrot, and more.
Hygienic and quality control by HACCP method is constantly carried out in all the process from chicken rearing and handling, egg gathering, packing, shipping, transportation, delivery, and storefront sale. The whole process guarantees the perfect protection of possible disease-causing germs infection.
Any artificial chemical substances is eliminated from our farm. Instead, Nature is the main controller throughout the production flow. We directly send freshness, taste, and health to your dining table. We pay much attention to handling time, temperature, and preservation condition.
To live together with Nature is our final target. We will continue to pursue the target seriously under the mottos "Safe egg to the kids" and "Nature gives birth to Safety."

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